Architect Designed.
Custom Built.


Hi. We're Marc.
We're Here to Help You Make Yours.

We’re a studio of architects and builders working together to create fresh contemporary homes of uncompromising quality.

We love architecture.
We love building.
We love the bespoke, the bold and the breathtaking.
We don’t do boring.

What’s even more refreshing? Our design and build pricing starts from an affordable $699,000.

Who we work with

We work with all kinds of people.

People with a challenging block.
People downsizing to a right-sized home.
People upsizing to a new family home.
People who want a single storey home.
People who want a double storey home.
People who want to develop their asset with a difference.
People who value the individually crafted over the mass produced.
People who simply share our passion for contemporary architecture.

People like you.

How we work

At Marc, we offer a seamless, stress-free design and build service from concept to completion.

Instead of dealing with a separate architect and builder, you deal with one point of contact all the way.

Our architects, interior designers and builders work together in the same studio. So they’re constantly brainstorming smarter, more cost-effective ways to design and build at the leading edge of residential architecture.

Our Process

1. Site Inspection

Our design consultant and architect will inspect your site to understand its unique character. Its orientation, contours, views, highlights and neighbours will all be considered and recorded in written and photographic form during this inspection.

2. Site Survey

A survey of your site will be conducted and included in the Design Agreement fee.

3. Design Brief

Our design consultant and architect will sit down with you and your family to discuss your vision of how you would like to live in your new home, from functionality to style and aesthetics.

4. Architectural Concept

Our architects will produce a preliminary architectural concept, including scaled floor plans and elevations. We will keep working on your architectural concept until it is perfectly suited to you, even if that means more than one iteration.

5. 3D Renders

You will receive a set of 3D renders which leave nothing to the imagination. These images will cover all the elements in extraordinary detail so you will fully understand what your new home will look like on site.

6. Full Specification

Accompanying your designs and renders will be a detail specification with all the inclusions documented and tailored to your brief.

7. Fixed Price Proposal

The final element in the Design Agreement is pricing. Considering your budget at all times, we will provide you with a fully specified and priced proposal including conservative provisional sums to offer you flexibility in your choice of fixtures and finishes.

What we can design for you

Show us your site and share your thoughts. We'll come back to you with a preliminary architectural concept, 3D renders, and a full specification and fixed price proposal.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start by simply having a chat. Contact us here

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